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There are various types of stage spotlights, one of which is Moving Head lights. Moving Head Light is a fixture lamp that has a head / head that can move moving left, right, up or down because there is a motor in it whose function is to adjust the position, direction, and speed. Moving head lights move by rotating with a distance that is far enough to reach 500 meters. Moving Head lights will emit rays where the focus of the object forms a certain variation. Usually, the focus of this light beam is usually emitted towards the floor, walls and others. Moving head lights not only emit light in the focus of objects of various shapes and colors. Moving Head lights are widely used because these lights can almost go anywhere. Moving head lights have pan and tilt movements with a length of 570 degrees pan and 270 degrees tilt. Some types of moving head lights are:
*) Spot (light beam is narrow / spot)
*) Wash (the beam of light widens so that it can illuminate a large enough area that can be used to form color shades)
*) Beam (the beam produced is clearly visible because it uses a very bright type of lamp with a special lens construction)

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